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Selecting Commands in Windows OS

Selecting Commands
The top line of the program window is called the title bar and includes the name of the document (or a generic name if the document has not been saved) and the program name.

Below the title bar, you’ll see the menu bar. You use this to select commands. For instance, open the File menu and select the Save command to save a document. To use a menu, follow these steps:

1. Click the menu name. The menu drops down and displays a list of commands.
2. Click the command. Depending on the command you select, one of the following happens:

The command is executed. For instance, if you select File, Exit, the program is closed.

You see a submenu. Any commands followed by an arrow display a submenu. Click the command in this menu to execute the selected command.

You see a dialog box prompting you for additional information about how to execute the command. For example, if you select File, Print, you see the Print dialog box. Select options and confirm the command. When printing, for instance, select which printer to use and the number of copies to print and then click Print.

Many commands have a keyboard shortcut. Instead of selecting the command, you can press the keyboard shortcut. For instance, the shortcut for printing is Ctrl+P (press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the P key). These shortcuts are listed next to the command names on the menu.

You’ll find that not only do the menus work the same in most programs, but also many programs include the same commands. For example, you can commonly find a File, Save command for saving documents and a File, Print command for printing documents, “Saving and Printing Your Work”). The Edit menu usually has commands for cutting text (Cut), copying text (Copy), and pasting cut or copied text (Paste). The Help menu provides access to online help; you can use the commands in this menu to look up help topics for the program.

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